Njoki fucked by mzungu inside her bedsitter

Njoki finally got to see her dream come to fruition the other day.

She was more than happy to buss open for the mzungu who she brought back home for a sweet fucking session.

Njoki has always been fantasizing about getting fucked thoroughly and rapidly by a mzungu for hours so that she can check that off her bucket list.

The petite lady was disappointed this time because she didn’t get a mzungu who is a master of the pussy, who didn’t even know some styles Njoki saw in porn videos.

Even though she wasn’t satisfied, at least she got fucked by a mzungu albeit a not-so-good a fucker.

Here’s Njoki enjoying the boring fucking session at her studio apartment in Ngara, Nairobi.

Author: Afrofuck