New improved 69 position Kash has us wanting to do

They say every single day gives us an opportunity to innovate new things that were thought out to be impossible or were out of our grasp or understanding and I say that’s the honest truth.

Who would’ve thought that there are different ways of hitting that 69 with your partner that doesn’t involve a bed and lying down on it?

This is one of the most innovative way of making sure y’all eat each other’s out at the same time and it’s amazing, out of this world, maybe.

Kash got us wanting to eat each other out putting us on the spot for not having come up with such an idea of 69.

Just for that though, y’all let’s show some love to Kash by subscribing to her OnlyFans account at @demontoosociety . She’s put us on, all of us, now go on ahead to try something new with your bae, you’re welcome. Thanks Kash.

Get the above clip here: New improved 69 position Kash has us wanting to do (263 downloads )

Author: Afrofuck
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