Rob Kardashian says he can’t cum anymore after his sister Khloe asked him for sperm

Rob Kardashian says he can’t cum anymore after his sister Khloe asked him for sperm

Reality star Khloe Kardashian made headlines with an unconventional and unexpected sperms proposal to her brother Rob Kardashian.

In a recent episode of The Kardashians, Khloe suggested Rob as a potential sperm donor for her best friend, Malika Haqq, who expressed a desire to expand her family.

Malika, who shares a son with ex O.T. Genasis, revealed she was considering using a sperm donor since her split from the rapper. Initially hesitant about Malika’s plan to go to a sperm bank, Khloe proposed a different solution: her brother Rob.

Khloe praised Rob as a solid candidate and mentioned that he and Malika had previously been intimate, making him a viable option. Taking swift action, Khloe called Rob to discuss the proposition directly.

“Would you consider being Malika’s sperm donor?” Khloe asked bluntly.

Rob’s response, however, was unexpected and candid.

“I can’t cum anymore,” he stated.

Despite Khloe’s attempt to clarify that he would only need to provide a sample, Rob reiterated his inability, repeating, “I can’t cum anymore.”

Undeterred, Khloe seemed determined to pursue this idea further, urging Rob to think it over and suggesting they could find a way to help him fulfill the request.

Despite her insistence, Rob sounded genuinely incapable of meeting Khloe’s proposal.

The episode highlighted the unique dynamics and candid conversations within the Kardashian family, as well as Khloe’s dedication to helping her best friend achieve her dreams of expanding her family.

Whether or not this proposal will be revisited remains to be seen, but it certainly added a layer of intrigue and humor to the ongoing saga of The Kardashians.

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