Roze is my Name gets fucked in the bush

Sharon Nduta who is popularly known as Roze is my Name is the first Kenyan-based woman to declare that she’s a porn star and she doesn’t mind about her profession.

Ever since she mentioned herself being a porn star, she’s always been on Kenya’s radar, folks want to know more about her.

She has some of the unique, out-of-the-box porn clips that will always have you coming back for more.

She’s been fucked in the kitchen, by the roadside, in a threesome, and will always continue to give us more and more of what we love about her and that’s seeing her getting fucked by all types of dicks out there.

Here is the video of one of her clips where she gets fucked in broad daylight, in the forest, right next to a stream.


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Author: Afrofuck