Nairobi cheating drama! Side chick smokes joint in bed after explosive confrontation with man’s girlfriend

Nairobi cheating drama! Side chick smokes joint in bed after explosive confrontation with man’s girlfriend

Drama ensued at an apartment building in Nairobi after a girlfriend walked in on her boyfriend having sex with a side chick.

Apparently, the girlfriend had suspected her boyfriend’s philandering ways and she decided to come up with a plan to catch him red-handed.

On that fateful day, the girlfriend had someone monitor her boyfriend, and when she returned home in the company of his side chick she was quickly informed.

The woman decided to confront her boyfriend, tagging along a group of about 10 people – guess to deal with whatever situation unfolded.

She opened the main door unheard by the cheating duo and walked in on them in the bedroom.

The two cheating birds were naked like animals, only covering themselves with sheets and duvets.

The girlfriend asked the side chick to get up and leave but she remained seated in bed uttering no word.

Soon the main chick landed a hot slap on her rival and threatened to unleash more violence if she didn’t heed her command.

The group that came with the lady to bast her cheating boyfriend restrained her from causing more harm to the side chick.

The girlfriend was dragged out of the bedroom in a bid to avoid a violent confrontation with the lady wrecking her relationship.

Someone in the group lit a joint of weed and handed over to the side chick, perhaps to console her after she was slapped silly.

The side chick gladly smoked the joint and she made herself comfortable in the bed, vowing not to leave.

The girlfriend on noticing that her boyfriend was actually not on her side decided to pack up her stuff and left the duo to continue enjoying themselves.

Download the video below to see how the drama unfolded:

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