Tuktuk operator fucks female customer in the cover of heavy rains

Tuktuk operator fucks female customer in the cover of heavy rains

A tuktuk operator had a successful hunt after a female passenger he was ferrying fell prey to his bait and allowed him to harvest her.

The operator seduced the lady while driving her around and she allowed herself to be persuaded by his honeyed tongue.

The driver ultimately parked the tuktuk and joined the female passenger in the back seat where they conversed more intimately.

The weather decided to favor the tuktuk driver as it started raining cats and dogs, giving the duo a perfect cover to engage in all manner of debauchery.

The tuktuk driver and his passenger started smooching under the cover of the heavy downpour and things heated up quite fast.

Within moments, raw sexual desires hit the roof and the lady dropped her panties like they were hot and jumped on the man’s lap for a quickie.

At first, the tuktuk driver struggled to find the right hole as the lady was seen adjusting positions a couple of time trying to squeeze in the dick into her pussy.

It was clear the tuktuk driver hit the spot the moment the lady started behaving like she had suddenly been possessed by the demon of fornication.

She whined her body in raw sexual pleasure as the tuktuk driver pumped his cock in her, unaware they were being secretly recorded by someone who saw everything they were doing.

Download the video below to see how everything unfolded:

Download!!! Tuktuk operator fucks female passenger (202 downloads )


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