The unofficial winner of the #Santorinichallenge

The Santorini challenge has netizens from all over the world participating and we are here for it, because above anything else, it’s entertaining.

The Santorini Challenge sees women shaking their asses on camera as they sing along to ‘Santorini’ song by Gamma Lab which women from all around the world are jumping on the challenge.

The challenge has shown us a whole lot of things that will make the rest of our years run smoothly.

Enough said, this one is by far the winner of the #SantoriniChallenge as she shakes her us in a red thong and later on dance naked as her body is covered in red paint showing off her shaved pussy and beautiful pussy as she bends over for the camera. Check it out


Download: winner of #Santorinichallenge (759 downloads )

Author: Afrofuck