Vera Sidika leaks stripper videos inside club

Vera Sidika got to explore the Nairobi nightlife at Captain’s lounge where she was hosting and got to share a sneak preview of what she was enjoying last night.

Vera Sidika who was flanked by her friend Maxwell Mwamburi went to a fancy stripper club where they got entertained to the fullest.

The socialite and a mother of one were given the perfect treatment at the Captain’s Lounge where her friend got to get twerked on.

Maxwell Mwamburi was excited so much so that he couldn’t hold his horniness and excitement to himself, he decided to join the stripper and dance away his troubles with the almost naked petite stripper.

Vera Sidika had everything on camera to share with the world.

Watch the clip below if you haven’t already, netizens are talking about it.


Get the above clip here: Vera Sidika leaks stripper videos inside club (317 downloads )

Author: Afrofuck