Xolisile Mfeka removed her thong to show her how to best masturbate

Xolisile Mfeka made porn great again in Africa, especially in South Africa, and made it perfectly okay to embrace it and make money out of it because, afterall, it’s a career like any other in the world and it’s a money-making industry.

Xolisile Mfeka will without a doubt convert you into a believer and all you gots to do is just watch any of her videos, even for as long as 10 to 15 seconds, you’ll instantly be a stan.

This is a short clip of herself fingering herself for quite some time and loving every minute of it because she is teaching us to love our body first before somebody else does because it’s only right.

Watch the short clip right below;

Get the above clip right here: Xolisile Mfeka removed her thong to show her how to best masturbate (270 downloads )

Xolisile Mfeka who recently turned a year older in class is one woman who will go down in history as one of the baddest, beautiful, charismatic, gorgeous and talented porn star to ever do it.

She’s doing all of this without clout, or major backing from any international porn company and she’s making a sweet buck out of it. She’s doing all this independently and she’s winning while she’s at it.

The African porn business will be as great as it can be and we’d have people like Xolisile Mfeka to thank for it because she seriously invests in her craft, she doesn’t play when it comes to her business which is porn.

What a beauty! what a woman!

I think it’s about time our very own rappers make a song about Xolisile Mfeka, that song can be a banger everywhere, not only in Mzansi but outside of the borders.


Author: Afrofuck