You can now fuck Cherokee D’ass at the comfort of your house

You can now get to fuck the one and only Yohanna Renee Kerr professionally known as Cherokee D’ass at the comfort of your house without anybody saying anything.

Cherokee D’ass has her ass mold that has the tattoos and everything, it’s even as thick and jiggly as she is.

For a small fee of $800, you get to own your own Cherokee D’ass booty that you can fuck each and every other time at the very comfort of your house without prying eyes.


You can spank it, lick it, fuck it in any position you’d imagine. It’s all yours for a one-time fee. The ass is molded from Cherokee D’ass’s ass itself, so when you’re fucking it, you’re fucking Cherokee D’ass in some way, you get it.

You can click on this link right here to order yours, apparently, the shipping fee is included in the price tag.

Author: Afrofuck