Zimbabwe woman walks naked in broad daylight

A beautiful, and rather bold and courageous Zimbabwe woman got the entire woman talking about her after her recent stunt.

The clearly vexed woman decided to walk naked in an estate after she reportedly had an argument with her man that saw her wear nothing but only shoes and her head wrapper.

It’s not clear why she decided to walk naked in broad daylight when she clearly had clothes in her bag that she was carrying.

She was seen walking up and down completely naked as her huge ass was jiggly while she was on it. She caught the attention of almost everybody who was in her vicinity that day, it got people talking and finally, it reached the social media webspace.

Watch the viral video which has caused the woman to become the talk of the town right after the video founds its way on social media.


Get the above clip here: Pissed off Zimbabwe woman walks naked in broad daylight (271 downloads )

Author: Afrofuck