She didn’t have rent money so she paid the Landlord in kind

A slim thick woman in the ghetto decided to pay her rent the best way she knows how by bussing her pussy open for the landlord.

In these trying times, one has to figure out how to make sure they’re well taken care of whichever way they know how. Without judging, you got to do what you got to do and by the end of the day, somebody has to pay their rent regardless of their situations.

She was given some long dick style treatment right there at her door.

This is how this beautiful goddess decided to settle her rent since her mans is a deadbeat.

Here is the short version of the full version that is out there. Enjoy, and remember, don’t judge, dick treatment isn’t a bad payment after all.

Get the above clip right here: she paid the Landlord in kind, doggy style way (147 downloads)

Author: Afrofuck
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