Xolisile Mfeka gets a new piercing

Xolisile Mfeka will forever be an icon ever since she made that ultimate choice of being the conduit that takes the African porn business to the next level in Africa will forever be something that we can never thank her enough.

Before her, there wasn’t really any person who was willing to admit that sex is also a business to some other people and as such, they should also be respected because they honestly make so much money than most blue-collar jobs if all the cards were laid out in the table.

As such, Xolisile Mfeka isn’t just big in South Africa, no, she’s way bigger than one single country and that’s why everything she does is as exciting as seeing her sucking dick and getting fucked from behind with a long, thick mandingo dick.

What got people excited however is the fact that she got a new piercing and no, it’s not her pussy, at least not yet but I have a hunch she’ll get one in the future.

Xolisile Mfeka got a new sternum piercing which came as a shock because most of her fans thought that she was either going to get a pussy or at least nipple piercings. Well, sorry to dissapoint, she didn’t get either.

Here’s the clip of her where she documented herself getting the piercing.


Get the above clip right here: Xolisile Mfeka gets a new piercing (275 downloads )

Author: Afrofuck
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